The infographics below are derived from data contained in
BMC's DrinkTell™ Database with Market Forecasts


Virginia state stores recently reported brown goods inventory shortages as a result of the burgeoning growth of brown goods consumption. An ABC spokesperson called bourbon shortages "a true supply and demand situation." The spokesperson said that in some instances customers were buying products before store employees could get them out of their boxes. DrinkTell™ data backs up the high rates of demand for these products.

DrinkTell™ shows small batch Bourbon volume soaring 247% from 217,000 cases in 2011 to 536,000 cases in 2016. Last year even the top six Bourbons with a couple of exceptions were very strong. As you can see Bulleit has been rattling along the tracks at breakneck speed.

Top Six Bourbons 2015-16 YOY Growth

In one particularly egregious instance reported in Virginia—in this case with Hennessy VS—vendor allocation was fingered as the culprit but it's no surprise the very high growth rates for the top brands as charted from DrinkTell™ defy the best guesstimates of seasoned marketers.


Attention has rightly focused on Bourbon and the very top selling Straight Whiskey but other brown goods are also sharing in the growth. The Cognac numbers are certainly strong. And look at the top six rye whiskey brands. Growth rates are double digit or close to it.

Rye Whiskey Volume Growth, YOY 2015-2016

The number of Rye Whiskies in distribution has been expanding steadily. Old Overholt has ceased to be the lonely standard bearer that is was for many years. And it's hard to doubt that the same consumer demand for authenticity; local, high quality production, and a compelling story is what has been driving the heart of the whole craft spirits movement.

Top Six Rye Whiskies 2016 Share*

DrinkTell™ consumption data like that we've just pulled up, gives us the pulse of the market in quick, easy to use formats for helping business analysts with both strategic recommendations as well as simple benchmarking. For more numbers, a deeper look at DrinkTell™ or other questions, just give us a ring.

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