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Gary Hemphill

Gary A. Hemphill
Senior Vice President
Information Services

Gary A. Hemphill is Senior Vice President in charge of BMC's Information Services Division. In his role, Mr. Hemphill directs the company’s extensive research division consisting of approximately 30 in-depth Market Reports and directories that cover the multiple beverage markets. The company’s wide range of respected U.S. reports cover soft drinks, bottled water, beer, fruit beverages, New Age beverages, milk, wine, beverage packaging and more. In addition, Mr. Hemphill directs the company’s global beer, soft drink, and bottled water reports.

Mr. Hemphill has more than 20 years experience in the beverage industry. He began his career with editing positions at newspapers, and then served as editor of the trade magazine Beverage Industry before joining Pepsi-Cola Company where he served as head of new product publicity. In 1995, Mr. Hemphill took on his current position at Beverage Marketing. He is widely quoted in newspapers and magazines, has been interviewed on radio, and appeared on television numerous times to discuss a range of beverage topics.

Mr. Hemphill holds a bachelors degree in journalism from The Ohio State University and resides in New York City.