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About BMC Market Reports and Focus Reports

BMC annual and quarterly research reports draw from Beverage Marketing's 40 years of experience serving the U.S. and global beverage industry to provide the big picture as well as the detailed data and market insight necessary to track shifting trends and evaluate the competition. BMC Reports also act as a decision support tool by providing a reliable, objective third party view to help you to determine where the opportunities are and to give you greater confidence when deciding which ones are right for your company.

In addition to historical and current data, you'll find analysis of consumer concerns, market trends and drivers and Beverage Marketing's exclusive 5 year market projections.

Choose from more than 38 titles featuring various vantage points from which to examine individual beverage sectors, groups of related categories, relevant issues or other important aspects of the U.S. and international beverage, candy and snack food industries.

The BMC Difference

BMC Reports offer an all-sales-channel inclusive look at the alcohol and non-alcohol beverage market as well as candy and snack food segments.

Many trend reports focus exclusively on select retail channels (measured or scanner channels), virtually ignoring the rest of the market. Whether a drink, candy or snack is sold on- premise or off-, via large or small grocery stores, c-stores, foodservice, mass merchandisers, club stores, Wal-Mart vending or other sales channels, you can be confident it is included in our market totals.

Non-alcoholic beverages chart

The result: With BMC Market Research Studies you get a comprehensive understanding of the true size of the categories, companies, brands, elements of the packaging mix, etc. With this as a backdrop, the impact of trends can be seen in their proper perspective. Use BMC Reports as a stand-alone resource or to augment and round out your syndicated data information.

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Who needs BMC Reports?

  • Marketing, strategy, category management and new product development teams at beverage or snack food companies
  • Sales teams and financial executives at supplier companies who need to understand their customers' and prospects' challenges and anticipate future demand
  • Corporate training and development professionals
  • Industry advisors, ad agencies, management consultants and m&a advisors who need to quickly develop domain expertise
  • Investors, equity analysts, mortgage bankers and private equity firms who need to analyze market sectors and key industry players as part of their due diligence process
  • Entrepreneurs working on their business plans

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What market sectors do BMC Reports cover?

BMC publishes reports on the following topics and others:

  • Alcohol beverages including beer, wine and distilled spirits
  • Bottled water
  • Candy
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks
  • Soy and dairy alternatives
  • Milk and Dairy Beverages
  • Sports Beverages
  • Energy Drinks
  • Single Serve Fruit Beverages
  • Fruit Beverages
  • Value AddedWater
  • RTD Tea
  • Coffee
  • Wellness and Functional beverages
  • New Age Beverages
  • Coconut water
  • Kombucha
  • Relaxation beverages
  • Private label beverages and contract packing
  • Beverage Packaging
  • Snack Food

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What do BMC Reports include?

BMC Reports generally fall into several general types with similar market views:

  • U.S. Beverage Category Reports – comprehensive, in–depth market studies devoting an entire report to a single beverage category. These Market Reports typically include:
    • Historical and current category volume, wholesale dollar sales, retail dollar sales and growth.
    • Discussion of market trends and category drivers
    • Regional trend data and analysis
    • Flavor trends or diet vs. regular trends if applicable
    • Company and brand volume growth and market share as well as discussions of the activities of key manufacturers and brands
    • Consumer demographics
    • Leading company advertising expenditures (including internet advertising)
    • Package sizes and packaging material types
    • BMC's exclusive five year forecasts
  • Multiple Category Overview Reports – a top line look at groupings of categories to facilitate category-to-category comparison.
  • Global Beverage Category Reports – country-by-country category volume statistics and leading global brand trends. Historical, current and projected category data and analysis.
  • Special Reports – a diverse group of reports ranging from a study of packaging to a look at the private label industry and the operations of contract packers.
  • Focus Reports – concise industry briefings – typically 25-50 pages – providing executive summaries of emerging niche segments, key industry trends or important current issues such as obesity concerns.

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In what formats are the Market Reports available?

BMC Market Reports and Focus Reports are available in several convenient delivery formats designed to give you access to data and analysis when and where you need it.


Reports are available on CD–Rom with single user or multi-user licenses for use on corporate intranet. Reports on CD–ROM include an easily navigated fully–linked and searchable PDF version as well as a Word version of the report so you can cut and paste data and graphics into your presentations and reports.


BMC Reports continue to be available in hard copy.


Our easy to use secure online system allows authorized users anytime, anywhere access to Market Reports and Focus Reports. Whether you opt for three user access, need a few additional users or require enterprise–wide access, BMCDataDirect enables you to view reports online or download to your hard drive. Select one report, a few titles or the entire Market Report/Focus Report series. This flexible system allows you to decide which employees or offices have access and which reports they are authorized to see. Reports are provided in Word for easy cutting and pasting into Excel, PowerPoint, etc. as well as in PDF for easy navigation and full multi–term search capability (Boolean search).

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For further details or assistance with your research needs, call Charlene Harvey at 212–688–7640 ext. 1962