Beverage Marketing publishes the definitive report on the American packaged water business as well as reports that analyze particular parts of the business and the category’s place in the overall beverage markets in various markets. Bottled Water in the U.S. discusses all elements of the vibrant bottled water market, including the rapidly growing retail PET segment as well as bulk water, delivered water and imports. The report provides key data on the fastest growing major commercial beverage category, including volume by segment, regional and state markets, distribution channels, packaging, leading companies and brands, advertising expenditures, consumer demographics and projections. It explores the health and wellness and convenience trends driving growth in the category and examines the histories, strategies and performances of the leading companies. The HOD and Filtered Water Marketing in the U.S. focuses on specific components of the market, with in-depth analysis of the home-and-office delivery business as well as filtration systems. Beverage Marketing places bottled water in the context of overall national, regional or global beverage markets in reports like The Multiple Beverage Marketplace in the U.S., The Multiple Beverage Marketplace in Canada, The Multiple Beverage Marketplace in Asia, and The Global Multiple Beverage Marketplace. Other Beverage Marketing reports address other bottled water related subjects, such as packaging and marketing efforts.

Bottled Water is discussed in the following Market Reports:

Beverage Marketing Corporation published its first report on the U.S. bottled water market, entitled the 1984 Bottled Water Market and Packaging Report, in November 1983. While continuing to issue annual editions of the report now known as Bottled Water in the U.S., it has also expanded its coverage. In 2002, the company introduced its Global Bottled Water Report: A Worldview and augmented its report on the U.S. bottled water market with a new chapter on nutrient-enhanced “fitness” waters. Beverage Marketing introduced The HOD and Filtered Water Market in 2005. In the same year, the company also initiated a new series of reports on hot topics and new developments. The first of the Focus Reports addressed the influx of new flavored water. The company’s Selected Beverage Category Topline Report appears early each year to provide key category, brand and company data on four major beverage market segments, including bottled water.

Like the company’s numerous authoritative reports on other beverage categories and particular aspects of the beverage industry, most of the reports listed above are updated annually and include extensive text, graphs, charts and tables. Beverage Marketing bases its original research and analysis on information from industry executives, trade and research organizations, and various other sources. Its reports contain accurate and up-to-date statistics.

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