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The BMC Beverage Company Database

The BMC Beverage Company Database is comprised of beverage companies (distributors, manufacturers, importers, marketers, suppliers, etc.) that operate within the United States and Canada.

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It was first published in 1978 and is updated yearly to include all of the changes that occur throughout the beverage industry. These changes include new products, new companies, beverage industry transactions, personnel moves and more. The directory contains approximately 5,500+ different beverage companies, 15,000+ beverage executives and 14,500+ brands in its three indexes. The approximate 5,500+ different beverage companies contained in this directory are:

  • 1,430 Beer Wholesalers
  • 1,273 Craft Beer Wholesalers
  • 1,093 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers
  • 2,493 Soft Drink Bottlers/Canners/Distributors
  • 2,559 Bottled Water Bottlers/Canners/Distributors
  • 68 Breweries
  • 559 Craft/Microbreweries
  • 134 Distilleries
  • 531 Wineries/Cider Makers
  • 84 Soft Drink Franchise Companies
  • 178 Sports Beverage, Energy Drinks/Energy Shot, Protein, Beverage Powder, Plant Based and Functional Beverage Companies
  • 45 Hemp/CBD Beverage and THC Beverage Companies
  • 18 Kombucha Companies
  • 180 Bottled Water and Value Added Water Companies
  • 293 Fruit Juice/Drink Producers
  • 466 Coffee, Tea, Milk and Dairy Alternative Beverage Producers
  • 175 Beer, Wine & Spirit and Cider Importers

Information contained in this database include company name, address, phone number, products distributed/manufactured/imported, chief personnel contacts (beverage companies only) and, if given, email address, website and fax number. Distributors also contain number of employees, fleet sizes and dollar volumes for a particular location. Beverage manufacturers also include number of bottling lines, canning lines, keg lines, aseptic lines and manufacturing capacity for the given facility.


The BMC Beverage Company Database is available in five distinctive formats.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Version

The BMC Beverage Company Database Adobe Acrobat PDF version contains more than 1,350 pages of information. This publication includes:

  • The Adobe Acrobat PDF version can be loaded onto your PC or laptop and taken with you while you travel.
  • You can print out only the pages you need at a particular time.
  • The email addresses and websites are all live meaning you can send an email just by clicking on a company’s email address or you could visit their website by clicking on it.
  • If you are scrolling through any of the three indexes and you see something you want to view in more detail, you can just type in the page number located next to the information you are wanting to view in the upper left hand corner (depending on the version of Adobe Acrobat you have) and it will take you to that page immediately.
  • Detailed company profile information on approximately 5,500+ beverage companies
  • Listings of Governmental Agencies, Trade Associations, and Trade Publications
  • The Beverage Buyers Guide
  • Three Indexes to cross-reference information: Company Index, Personnel Index, and Brand Index

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The BMC Beverage Company Database is also availabe in a Print Version. For more information please contact Andrew Standardi at 1-800-332-6222 ext. 252 (Outside the U.S.: 740-314-8380 ext. 252) or .

Category / Full / Customized CD-ROM Databases

Beverage Marketing Corporation offers 11 different Category CD-ROM databases, the Full BMC Beverage Company Database, and customized databases to meet customers’ specific needs. These databases are available in Microsoft Excel and CSV formats.

To inquire about a custom database built to your specifications, please contact Andrew Standardi at 1-800-332-6222 ext. 252 (Outside the U.S.: 740-314-8380 ext. 252) or .

Online/Web Delivery

The DrinkTell BMC Beverage Company Database online is an easy-to-use interface that allows for detailed searches and specific, comprehensive company profiles downloaded in Microsoft Excel format. Updated on a continuous basis, customers, via their online subscription, are provided access to a database that is "Fully Searchable - Continuously Updated - Constantly Expanding" with no limits on the amount of beverage companies, brands, personnel and more that it can hold!

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To schedule your complementary LIVE demo of The DrinkTell BMC Beverage Company Database, please contact Andrew Standardi at 1-800-332-6222 x252 or at 740-314-8380 x252 or via email at

For more information please contact Andrew Standardi at 1-800-332-6222 ext. 252 (Outside the U.S.: 740-314-8380 ext. 252) or .