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The U.S. Alcohol Beverage Industry Database contains approximately 2,900 companies covering all areas of the alcohol beverage industry. This database provides you with a comprehensive list of distributors for the major beer producers and importers, craft beer products and wine & spirits products along with contact and brand information for brewers, microbreweries/craft brewers, wineries/cider, distilleries, kombucha companies, hemp/CBD beverage companies, THC companies and importers.

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  • 2024 Edition - Published March 2024.
  • Approximately 2,900 Company Profiles.
  • Immediate download, Excel and .csv formats, 3-user access.
U.S. Alcohol Beverage Industry Database
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

Report Overview 

All Beverage Company Profiles provide you with:

  • Detailed company contact information
  • Chief operating personnel
  • Total number of employees
  • Brands distributed/manufactured/imported
  • Headquarter contact information if the particular location is a subsidiary

Alcoholic Beverage Distributors include:

  • Total number of delivery Vehicles
  • Dollar volume at a particular location
  • Product listings broken out via category:
    • Beer
      • Nationally brewed products
      • Regional brewed products
      • Craft/Micro-brewed products
      • Imported products from around the globe
    • Wine/Cider
      • National wine products
      • Craft/Artisanal wine/cider products
      • Imported products from around the globe
    • Distilled Spirits
      • National distilled spirit products
      • Craft/artisanal distilled spirit products
      • Imported products from around the globe

Breweries/Craft/Microbreweries/Wineries/Cider Makers/Distilleries/Importers/Kombucha Companies/Hemp & CBD Beverage/THC Beverage Companies include:

  • Products produced by leading national and regional producers
  • Up-and-Coming craft/artisanal products
  • Imported products from brewers/wineries/cider/distilleries from around the world
  • Number of franchised wholesalers
  • Manufacturing capacity including:
    • Beer – brewing capacity in total barrels
    • Wine/Cider – capacity in total gallons
    • Distilled Spirits – capacity in total gallons
    • Production Lines:
      • Total number of bottling lines
      • Total number of canning lines
      • Total number of keg lines (beer only)

This database is available in Microsoft Excel and CSV formats.

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