The Beverage Marketing Directory Methodology

The Beverage Marketing Directory is the culmination of many years of work. Each year, the staff of Beverage Marketing Corporation seeks out new beverage companies, brands, personnel and more to be included in this directory. To maintain and update its status, all companies listed in the Directory have a chance to update their listing(s) every year. Throughout each year, several mailing and email campaigns are sent to all companies in an effort to review their current listing and to make updates to it. To help insure the accuracy of The Beverage Marketing Directory, companies may also be contacted via phone to confirm other changes that may have occurred after they have submitted their survey. Once the data collection process is completed and the changes are entered, the editing process begins. Each listing is thoroughly reviewed for errors and/or inconsistencies. Phone calls and emails are made to companies to verify any data that might be questioned. Once the final editing is complete, the publishing of the Directory takes place when is it printed and the digital databases are formed.