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Although BMC was founded as a publishing company in the early 1970's with its comprehensive Beverage Marketing Directory, it has evolved into being the leading provider of strategic management consulting and advisory services in the beverage industry. Market reports were added in the 1980's that contained an in-depth view on major beverage categories which led to strategic business assessments and advisory services that BMC began in the 1990's.

Building on its more than 40 years of experience and more than 900 completed assignments, BMC created BMC Strategic Associates™ (BMCSA) which consolidated its management consulting services with unparalleled expertise of the beverage industry, proprietary data, access to key players within the industry and international reach with a network of affiliates throughout the world including the United Kingdom and Mexico.

The professional staff at BMCSA™ has a distinguished record of success within their corporate careers along with diverse experience and backgrounds. Additionally, the BMCSA™ management consulting team has at its disposal the in-house resources of BMC Research and all research is supported by our proprietary industry data, which offers an unrivaled look at the beverage industry and its categories, companies and brands.

These attributes gives BMCSA™ the unique capacity to advise both the world's leading beverage and consumer package goods companies with their most important endeavors. BMCSA™ prides itself on delivering actionable, market-driven insights to these brand owners, manufacturers, distributors, franchisers and suppliers and turning ideas into quantifiable results. BMC's value proposition includes a quick project start, strong understanding of the client's needs, cost effective research and activities and workable solutions that add real value to the overall project and differentiate BMC from other management consulting firms.

Approach & Methodology

BMCSA™'s approach to client assignments is to structure a customized work plan involving research activities specific to the project's needs. Our core objective is to deliver real-world, actionable findings and recommendations that can be acted upon immediately by the client.

BMCS's methodology is grounded in specific, relevant primary research developed through interviews, surveys, field audits, focus groups and access to key industry players. The work of BMCSA™ is not a hidden process where solutions are derived using inexplicable analytical constructs. Rather, the style is highly open and collaborative with the goal of advising and counseling clients throughout the project using proprietary data and insights developed and refined by the project team.

Samples of Recent Assignments

Opportunity Assessment Implementation of Recommendations
Partnerships and Alliances With Companies Retail Channel and Vending Analysis