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Overview of Expert Witness Services

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Beverage Marketing Corporation offers fact-backed expert witness services to companies involved in disputes that result in litigation. Drawing from our 50+ years analyzing and tracking the beverage industry, BMC possesses the industry knowledge and understanding to testify on a broad range of topics and cases.

In addition to our solid reputation developed over a half-century as providers of highly respected industry data, reports and consulting services to the beverage industry, our ability to credibly bear witness and back our opinions is bolstered by our proprietary market trend data. Our databases include historical and projected segment performance and all-sales-channel inclusive company and brand data. This wealth of information, combined with our 50+ years tracking bottling and distribution networks puts an unrivaled repository of industry data at our fingertips to build cases and support our testimony. These elements form a basis that is further strengthened by our exposure to, and expertise in, multiple aspects and nuances of the beverage industry. This unparalleled depth of market insight enables us to analyze key issues and informs our testimony. Last but not least, our participation in multiple high profile cases means we are comfortable dealing with the demands and pressures involved in expert witness cases. We come prepared.