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This title from Beverage Marketing's Focus Report series delivers observations and insights on trends affecting the adult beverage market via a colorful, data-filled PowerPoint presentation designed to bring busy executives up to date while providing food for thought and discussion. Based on a presentation by Beverage Marketing's alcohol consulting group, it offers beer, wine and spirits market data through 2017 as well as observations on the trends that are re-shaping the alcohol market in the United States.

Set against a backdrop of the total alcohol vs. non-alcohol market, this timely report examines key market drivers impacting consumers' alcohol choices. In addition to highlighting effect of these factors on various alcohol beverage segments and sub-segments, the report offers insight on key trends relating to wine and spirits, beer, craft beer, hard ciders flavored malt beverages and prepared cocktails.

  • 2018 Edition – Published June 2018.
  • Data through 2017.
  • 40+ PowerPoint slides with extensive text analysis, graphs and charts.
  • Immediate download, PowerPoint format, 3-user access.
U.S. Alcohol Beverage Trend Analysis
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

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The answers you need

This data and insight-rich PowerPoint presentation offers insights on the alcohol market against the backdrop of trends in the overall U.S. beverage market and is the perfect kickoff to brainstorming meetings. Questions answered include:

  • How did the U.S. beer, distilled spirits and wine markets perform in 2017?
  • What are the key trends impacting various wine segments?
  • How did craft beer and imports perform?

This alcohol beverage industry report features

This graphically impactful PowerPoint presentation uses the total U.S. beverage market as the jumping off point for an in-depth analysis of trends in the beer, wine and distilled spirits sectors, with looks at everything from volume and growth to market drivers and expectations for high interest alcohol sectors.

I. Multiple Beverage Industry Trends

  • Beverage Headlines slide 7
  • U.S. Total Beverage Market Change in Volume and Wholesale Dollars slide 8
  • Key Factors slide 9
  • U.S. Beverage Market Volume Change slide 10
  • U.S. Liquid Refreshment Beverage Market Volume Change slide 11
  • U.S. Traditional Beverage Market Volume Change slide 12
  • U.S. Beverage Market Volume Share by Category slide 13

II. Beer

  • 2017 US Full-Year Beer Market Highlights slide 15
  • Current U.S. Beer Trends slide 16
  • Beer Market Depletion Volume Share by Segment slide 17
  • AB InBev's U.S. Performance Shipments slide 18
  • ABI US Craft Brands Taproom Presence 2018 slide 19
  • MillerCoors' U.S. Performance Shipments slide 20
  • Health-Forward Beer slide 21
  • Localized Premium/Sub-Premium Brands slide 22

III. Spirits

  • U.S. Distilled Spirits Market 2010-2017 slide 24
  • U.S. Distilled Spirits Market 2011-2017 slide 25
  • Flavor Feud: Vodka vs. Whiskey – Volume Growth slide 26
  • Flavor Feud: Vodka vs. Whiskey – Product Introductions slide 27
  • Spirits Category Volume by Type 2011-2017 slide 28
  • On Premise Spirits Category Volume by Type 2011– 2017 slide 29
  • Whiskey Category Volume by Type 2010- 2017 slide 30
  • Craft Spirits Share of Overall Distilled Spirits Industry slide 31
  • Craft Spirits Retail Sales Dollars slide 32
  • Key Insights slide 33
  • Ways Suppliers Are Staying Ahead of Today’s Consumers slide 34

IV. Wine

  • U.S. Wine Market 2011-2017 slide 36
  • U.S. Wine Market 2011-2017 slide 37
  • Table Wine Volume Sales by Price Tier slide 38
  • Table Wine Volume Sales by Varietal slide 39
  • Wine Varietal Consumption Share slide 40

V. Craft Beer On-Premise Survey

  • Summary of Account Composition slide 42
  • Summary of Account Composition slide 43
  • Leading Selling Category in Account - Draft v. Packaged slide 44
  • Defining Consumer Perception of Craft slide 45
  • Package Type Importance Leading Package Type % of Accounts slide 46
  • Why Bartenders Recommend a Craft Beer slide 47
  • Craft Beer Growth and Quality slide 48
  • Bartender Definition of Local Craft Beer slide 49
  • Craft Beer The Bartender Plays Major Role in Choice slide 50

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