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New in 2022: This report describes and measures a vibrant sub-segment of the distilled market. It includes data on the numerous brands comprising this fast-growing component of the beverage alcohol business and offers Beverage Marketing Corporation's exclusive five year forecasts on the future prospects of the category.

  • 2022 Edition - To be published September 2022.
  • Data through 2021 and market projections through 2026.
  • 35+ pages with extensive text analysis, graphs and charts.
  • Immediate download, PDF and Word formats, 3-user access.
Spirits-Based Ready-to-Drink Cocktails in the U.S.
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

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The answers you need

In addition to volume data on the leading brands and discussion of their makers' strategies, the report quantifies the category as a whole and charts its growth. It also provides data on per capita consumption and growth. Get answers to questions such as:

  • What is the leading ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail brand in the United States?
  • Which brands are growing the fastest?
  • How much RTD cocktail volume was consumed on a per-person basis?
  • How is the segment likely to perform a few years from now?

This report features

Highlights of Spirits-Based Ready-to-Drink Cocktails in the U.S. include:

  • An overview of the evolving segment and a discussion of the latest trends and developments.
  • Volume, growth and market share data for the major brands.
  • Analysis of the various companies and their approaches to RTD cocktails.
  • Per capita consumption figures.
  • Volume projections through 2026.
  • RTD brands covered include: Jose Cuervo, Cutwater, High Noon, Monaco, BuzzBalls, Bacardi and Captain Morgan.


This report has not yet been published.

The 2022 edition you receive will have analysis, data through 2021 and projections through 2026 where applicable.

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