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Required Software
Authorized Users
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Required Software

Beverage Marketing Corporation's reports are available in what kind of file format?

Most of our reports come with both a PDF and MSWord version of the documents. A few of our reports come in another file format such as MSPowerPoint or MSExcel, so please consult the individual report page where they will be clearly marked.

Authorized Users

How many users are authorized with a purchase of a report?

Your purchase allows 1-3 users within the purchasing organization. All reports are copyrighted and portions may also be cut and paste into presentations or materials for internal use. If you have specific questions on authorized use or require access that would fall outside copyright laws such as a need to share information with another company, or a desire to republish segments of Beverage Marketing Corporation information for public use, contact Charlene Harvey at 212-688-7640 ext. 1962.

Payment Options

What forms of payment are accepted?

On our website, we accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Wire transfers may be processed by calling our office. In addition, if we have a relationship with your company, we may be able to invoice you for your report.

Can I order by phone?

Reports may be purchased by phone at 212-688-7640 ext. 1962.

Sales Tax

Will I be charged sales tax?

Appropriate sales tax is charged on reports purchased by customers located in New York State.

Data Delivery

How long will it take for my purchase to be sent to me?

You will have your report within minutes of completing an order online.


What is your policy on returns and exchanges?

Due to the nature of the product, BMC is unable to provide refunds or exchanges. We encourage you to look at the detailed tables of content and sample data provided on our website before placing your order. If you have any remaining questions prior to purchase, please call Charlene Harvey at 212-688-7640 ext. 1962.

Advance Purchases:

Can I place an order for a future edition of a report that is not yet available?

Yes. Please contact Charlene Harvey at 212-688-7640 ext. 1962 or via email at research@beveragemarketing.com. She will complete the transaction and arrange to have your purchase sent to you via email immediately upon publication.

Assistance / Guidance:

I have questions that are not fully answered in the tables of contents and sample data provided. Who do I talk to if I prefer to discuss the report, find out more about it and speak to a live person?

Call Charlene Harvey at 212-688-7640 ext. 1962 or e-mail her at charvey@beveragemarketing.com. She will be happy to help you determine which report(s) or other services will best meet your needs

I don't see what I need in the online shop. What other products and services does Beverage Marketing Corporation offer that might suit my specific needs?

Beverage Marketing Corporation offers custom research and management consulting services in addition to DrinkTell™, our proprietary database with market forecasts, that allows users to create their own customized reports from any device. To inquire about custom research or DrinkTell™ contact Charlene Harvey at 212-688-7640 ext. 1962 or charvey@beveragemarketing.com. For more information on the management consulting services, please email us at consulting@beveragemarketing.com.

About BMC:

How long has Beverage Marketing Corporation been in business?

Founded in 1972, Beverage Marketing Corporation has been serving the beverage industry for more than 40 years. We pride ourselves on our strong relationships within the industry, our unparalleled access to industry leaders and our reliable total market, all-sales-channel-inclusive data. We offer reports, custom research, consulting and advisory services to the beverage industry.