About Our Reports

In addition to Beverage Marketing Corporation's all-sales-channel historical and current market data, readers gain insight on industry trends and consumer-driven shifts in the marketplace, have access to BMC's exclusive 5 year market projections and much more.

BMC publishes more than 40 reports for those wanting to learn about groups of beverages (e.g. New Age, Wellness & Functional, etc.), individual beverage categories and beverage-related topics about the U.S. beverage industry. In addition, BMC publishes reports covering the global multi-beverage, beer and bottled water industries. Our market research reports offer detailed statistical data, infographics and detailed analysis to fully give the reader an understanding of what is being covered. The result: BMC reports provide the statistical data you need and offer perspective on what it all really means.

Please browse the table of contents, sample data and summary of the individual report for a more detailed look at what that report provides its reader.

Beverage Marketing Corporation offers two types of reports:

Market Reports

These studies of one or more beverage categories range from brief 20-50 page studies to comprehensive reports of 125-500 or more pages. All cover multiple facets of their given scope that may include demographics, packaging, advertising and key corporations. Market Reports may offer an in-depth look at a single consumer goods sector, offer an overview of multiple categories or explore an emerging niche beverage segment or a timely issue driving consumer behavior or impacting the industry. Market Reports may focus a single country (most typically the U.S.), or offer a global view, detailing results on a country by country basis.

Topline Reports

Topline Reports are short studies of major beverage categories such as bottled water, carbonated soft drinks or beer. These concise executive summaries provide a brief overview of key category trends as well as key industry data including category volume, dollars, per capita consumption, key brand market shares and five year projections. These 20-40 page reports are ideal for entrepreneurs building a business plan, investors keeping an eye on one or more markets or ad agencies preparing for an account pitch or anyone who needs a quick read on a major beverage category.

Who Can Benefit from BMC's Reports?

  • Top management, marketing, strategy, category management and new product development teams at beverage or snack food companies
  • Sales teams, business development and financial executives at supplier companies who need to understand their customers' and prospects' challenges and anticipate future demand
  • Corporate training and development professionals charged with ensuring deep domain expertise and knowledge of changing trends among existing employees and new hires
  • Industry advisors, ad agencies, management consultants and M&A advisors who need to quickly develop domain expertise in order to counsel their clients or develop strategic plans and tactics on their behalf
  • Investors, equity analysts, mortgage bankers and private equity firms who need to analyze market sectors and key industry players as part of their due diligence process
  • Entrepreneurs working on their business plans