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Data and insights from BMC's DrinkTell™ Database with Market Forecasts brought to you by Beverage Marketing Corporation

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Monthly DrinkTelligence

Each month, BMC's complementary DrinkTelligence newsletter highlights and analyzes select data points from Beverage Marketing Corporation's comprehensive DrinkTell™ database. While these data snippets represent just a tiny fraction of the alcohol and non–alcohol beverage data contained in DrinkTell™, these articles seek to offer insight on beverage trends and illustrate that analyzing market trends from a number of vantage points offers perspective that can sometimes be missed when viewing trends from a single angle. DrinkTelligence readers are invited to request a complementary live DrinkTell™ demo.

DrinkTelligence Wine, Beer & Spirits Weekly

This is the best weekly newsletter for top level wine, beer, and spirits decision makers, business analysts at all levels, and sales and marketing executives. Each issue features real time case studies based on industry headlines.  Readers follow detailed analysis of the steps that were—or should have been—involved in data-based decision making using total market industry consumption trends.