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Press Release: Beverage Marketing Corporation and Technomic Form Alliance to Offer Enhanced Beverage Trend Insights




New York, February 24, 2015 — Beverage Marketing Corporation, the leading provider of consulting, data and insight to the beverage industry is pleased to announced a strategic alliance with Technomic Inc., the leading provider of research and consulting in the foodservice industry. Through this alliance, Beverage Marketing and Technomic will provide unparalleled depth of market information to the ever–evolving beverage industry, its suppliers and advisors.

As the first step in this new relationship, Beverage Marketing Corporation's DrinkTell™ Database With Market Forecasts, the premier beverage information portal, will now incorporate wine and spirits category, company and brand data developed by Technomic. With this latest phase in its ongoing development complete, BMC's DrinkTell™ now covers 29 alcohol and non–alcohol beverage categories, 60 sub–categories, more than 430 companies and 2,472 brands.

"With the addition of Technomic's wine and spirits data to our already robust system, DrinkTell™ is now the most complete U.S. data and intelligence resource available anywhere, for any beverage category" said Michael Bellas, Chairman & CEO of Beverage Marketing Corporation. "With just a few clicks from any device, the beverage information you need is immediately available whether you're at your desk, in a meeting or on the road. We're really pleased with the quality of Technomic's data and are looking forward to working with them on future projects both within and outside of the DrinkTell™ portal," Bellas added.

"We're highly impressed with the depth and breadth and ease of access to key data provided by the DrinkTell™ platform and are excited to be strengthening it with the addition of select data from our comprehensive DRINK adult beverage knowledge platform," said Darren Tristano, Executive Vice President of Technomic. "Tremendous synergies exist between BMC and Technomic, and we see this collaborative effort as the first step in delivering enhanced value to the beverage industry."

About Beverage Marketing Corporation

New York City–based Beverage Marketing Corporation is the leading consulting, research, and advisory services firm dedicated to the global beverage industry. Serving the industry for more than 40 years, the company provides extensive strategic and tactical consulting services to most of the beverage industry's leading companies and many of its key suppliers. Through its BMC Research division, the company also offers more than 50 market trend reports which include in–depth studies of various beverage sectors such as Bottled Water in the U.S. as well as market reports covering a broad range of drink sectors such as New Age Beverages in the U.S. and The Multiple Beverage Marketplace in the U.S. Most recently, the launch of the company's DrinkTell™ database has provided an easy to use platform for users to access U.S. and global data on a broad range of alcohol and non–alcohol beverage categories. For more information on Beverage Marketing Corporation's reports, visit For more information about DrinkTell™, or to schedule a demo contact Charlene Harvey, 212-688-7640 ext. 1962 or Visit us at

About Technomic

Only Technomic delivers a 360° view of the food industry. We drive growth and profitability for our clients by providing the most reliable, consumer–grounded, channel–relevant data with forward–looking strategic insights. Our services range from major research studies and management consulting solutions to online databases and simple fact–finding assignments. Our clients include food manufacturers and distributors, restaurants and retailers, other foodservice organizations, and various institutions aligned with the food industry. Visit us at


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