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This ready-made PowerPoint presentation provides an early view of 2020 year-end results, plus an early 2021 forecast for 8 major beverage categories. Through a series of charts, graphs, infographics and comments, this insightful industry research report looks primarily at non-alcoholic beverage category performance and the key drivers behind the performance. The perfect executive briefing to kick off your planning and training meetings! Also ideal as a complement to individual category studies or our quarterly analysis series.

  • 2021 Edition - Published April 2021.
  • Data through 2020p and market projections through 2021.
  • 50+ PowerPoint slides with extensive data, charts, graphs and statistical infographics.
  • Immediate download, PDF and PowerPoint formats, 3-user access.
Beverages 2021: What’s in Store
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

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The answers you need

This PowerPoint presentation offers insights and early research results on 8 beverage categories, providing visual category to category comparisons. It also provides a look at major macro-trends impacting current and near future performance. Questions answered include:

  • How did the U.S. liquid refreshment beverage market perform in 2020, and how is it poised to perform in 2021?
  • What are the key macro-trends impacting industry performance today and in the future?
  • How has the pandemic impacted the industry?
  • What are the key challenges and opportunities that beverage marketers currently face?
  • Which refreshment beverage categories are likely to grow fastest in 2021?

This report features

This industry report offers a look at key categories and niche segments, offers perspective on the economic and societal trends driving the marketplace and more. Through colorful, data-rich slides, this presentation examines a broad range of beverage categories, with particular focus on the non-alcohol liquid refreshment beverage (LRB) market. This report provides busy executives with a succinct, graphic view of trends and a high-level understanding of the U.S. beverage market:

  • Economic and societal trends driving the beverage market.
  • Performance of 8 key categories in 2020.
  • Share of stomach results and what market share do the various key categories hold?
  • Consumer drivers behind changing consumption patterns.
  • Performance comparison of bottled water vs CSD's.
  • The latest on emerging sectors and the changing consumer need states driving their rise.
  • Caloric and sugar intake from refreshment beverages.
  • Beverage Marketing's projections for marketplace growth in 2021.


  • Beverage Marketing Capabilities slide 3
  • Agenda slide 5

I. Market Overview

  • Beverage Headlines slide 6
  • Products and People in the News slide 7
  • Quarterly GDP Change 2014 – Q3 2019 slide 8
  • Unemployment Rate 2000 - 2019 slide 8
  • Annual U.S. Consumer Sentiment Index 1995 - 2019 slide 9
  • U.S. Total Beverage Market Volume Change 2014 – 2019 slide 10
  • U.S. Total Beverage Market Change in Volume and Wholesale Dollars 2014 - 2019 slide 11
  • U.S. Beverage Market Volume Change 2018 - 2019 slide 12
  • U.S. Liquid Refreshment Beverage Market Volume Change 2018 - 2019 slide 13
  • U.S. Beverage Alcohol Market Volume Change 2018 - 2019 slide 14
  • U.S. Traditional Beverage Market Volume Change 2018 - 2019 slide 15

II. Category Updates

  • U.S. Beverage Market Volume Share by Category 2014 - 2019 slide 16
  • Decade Comparison: 2009 – 2019 Which Categories Gained, Which Lost Volume? slide 17
  • Major Consumer Trends Impacting the Greater Beverage Market slide 18
  • U.S. Carbonated Soft Drink Market Billions of Gallons 2014 - 2019 slide 19
  • U.S. CSD Volume and Wholesale Revenue Billions of Gallons and Wholesale Dollars 2014 – 2019 slide 20
  • U.S. Carbonated Soft Drink Market Share by Type 2014 - 2019 slide 21
  • CSD and PET Single-Serve Water Wholesalers Dollars Per Gallon Indexed to 2000 slide 22
  • U.S. Bottled Water Market Billions of Gallons 2014 - 2019 slide 23
  • U.S. Bottled Water Market 2014 – 2019 Volume, Share and Growth by Segment slide 24
  • Sparkling Water Remains Hot slide 25
  • Enhanced Waters slide 26
  • Select Offerings and Categories of Today's Emerging Beverages slide 27
  • Niche Categories vs. Traditional LRB Categories Wholesale Dollars And Share of Wholesale Dollars 2018 – 2019 slide 28
  • Key Beverage Alcohol Trends slide 29
  • Alternative Adult Beverages 2019 slide 30

III. Packaging Trends

  • Beverage Packaging Share by Package Type Billions of Packaging Units slide 31
  • Packaging Innovation slide 32

IV. Projections

  • Cannabis Market Size and Projections 2019 33
  • Projected Liquid Refreshment Beverage Market and Alcohol Beverage
  • Market Volume by Category 2020 34

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