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Jumpstart your brainstorming sessions and re-calibrate your crystal ball! The Future of Beverages, a sequel of sorts to 2021’s The Impact of Covid-19 on the U.S. Beverage Industry, goes beyond just charting how the pandemic has affected the various segments of the liquid refreshment beverage (LRB) market. Although it considers the impact of the pandemic on bottled water, energy drinks, carbonated soft drinks (CSDs), etc., measuring volume, wholesale dollars and retail dollars for each category and how these segments were affected by covid-19 in 2020, 2021 and beyond, it also discusses broader topics such as economic data, the financial system and even a cursory look at geopolitics. Further, possible social trends are discussed to spur one’s thinking and forecasts through 2027 are provided.

  • 2022 Edition - Published November 2022.
  • Data through 2021 and market projections through 2027.
  • 60+ pages with extensive text analysis, graphs and charts.
  • Immediate download, PDF, Word and Excel formats, 3-user access.
The Future of Beverages
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

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This report examines topline trends of how the various LRB categories were affected by the pandemic and looks at what may be coming next. LRB segments of the following non-alcohol beverage categories are covered: bottled water, value added waters, fruit beverages, RTD coffee, RTD tea, CSDs, energy drinks and sports beverages. Questions answered include:

  • Which LRB segments were most affected negatively and least affected in 2020 and 2021?
  • Are there any LRB segments which were able to grow faster than expected despite the pandemic?
  • What are the underlying macroeconomic trends driving these LRB developments?
  • How is covid-19 and its aftermath likely to impact the LRB segment to 2026?

This report features

The Future of Beverages looks at the uneven impact of the pandemic on the LRB industry, with some segments experiencing hardships while others are surviving and even thriving in this uncertain environment. It posits that, even though there may be evidence of the economy and life "returning to normal," there are countervailing trends that suggest to beverage marketers that strategic planning may be needed in the likely event that more turmoil is in store for 2023 (early returns suggest it will be a bumpy ride). Using Beverage Marketing's exclusive data and projections, the report provides insights into:

  • GDP, personal disposable income, unemployment and CPI/PPI in 2021 and 2022 and how they compare to historical norms. How will the outsized inflation resolve itself in the coming years? How might geopolitics raise the specter of global recession (or worse)?
  • To what degree has innovation counteracted the negative impact of the pandemic and associated lockdown measures? Which beverage categories may thrive in the new normal?
  • What are some of the prospects for the various LRB segments going forward? Which ones will recover their former growth arc by 2027? Which segments won’t get back to normal?

The New Normal pg 1

  • Overview & Issues pg 1

Effect of the Economy on the Beverage Market pg 17

  • Overview pg 17
  • Volume by Segment pg 17
  • Retail Dollars by Segment pg 18
  • Bottled Water pg 20
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks pg 21
  • Coffee pg 22
  • Milk pg 23
  • Tea pg 24
  • Fruit Beverages pg 25
  • Sports Drinks pg 26
  • Energy Drinks pg 27
  • Value-Added Water pg 28
  • Dairy Alternatives pg 29
  • Protein Drinks pg 30
  • Kombucha pg 31
  • Coconut Water pg 32

The Projected Beverage Market by Category pg 33


  • 1 Change in U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 1932 – Q3 2022 pg 46
  • 2 Total Public Debt as Percent of GDP 1970 – Q1 2022 pg 47
  • 3 U.S. Personal Saving Rate 2007 – YTD 2022 pg 48
  • 4 U.S. Unemployment Rate 1933 – Q3 2022 pg 49
  • 5 U.S. Labor Force Participation Rate 1997 – YTD 2022 pg 50
  • 6 S&P 500 Index Yearly Average 2013 – YTD 2022 pg 51
  • 7 University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment 1990 – September 2022 pg 52
  • 8 Crude Birth Rate for the U.S. 1960 – 2020 pg 53
  • 9 Consumer Price Index Change for Beverage Categories vs. All Items 2001 – H1 2022 pg 54
  • 10 Producer Price Index Change for Beverage Categories vs. All Items 2001 – H1 2022 pg 55
  • 11 Selected Non-Alcohol Beverage Segments Volume 2017 – 2027 pg 56
  • 12 Selected Non-Alcohol Beverage Segments Share of Volume 2017 – 2027 pg 57
  • 13 Selected Non-Alcohol Beverage Segments Change in Volume 2018 – 2027 pg 58
  • 14 Selected Non-Alcohol Beverage Segments Retail Dollar Sales 2017 – 2027 pg 59
  • 15 Selected Non-Alcohol Beverage Segments Share of Retail Dollar Sales 2017 – 2027 pg 60
  • 16 Selected Non-Alcohol Beverage Segments Change in Retail Dollar Sales 2018 – 2027 pg 61
  • 17 Selected Non-Alcohol Beverage Segments Retail Price Per Gallon 2017 – 2027 pg 62
  • 18 Selected Non-Alcohol Beverage Segments Change in Retail Price Per Gallon 2018 – 2027 pg 63

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