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New Report: 2020 Wellness and Functional Beverages in the U.S.: Market Essentials


BMC is pleased to announce the publication of its Market Essentials Report Wellness and Functional Beverages in the U.S.: Market Essentials.

This report from Beverage Marketing Corporation presents BMC's research on wellness beverages and functional beverages industries to provide insights into the increasingly intertwined world of healthful beverages that offer a specific functional benefit to consumers. In this study, we examine trends and issues in this multi-faceted market, covering beverages aiming to aid health, quench thirst and provide specific benefits. The report also distinguishes between the traditional and new-era wellness beverages industry, looking at the various segments and types. Market drivers and need states are discussed and data and forecasts are provided. The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the industry are also discussed.

For more information, or to purchase this report, please click here.

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