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This Excel-based directory of more than 300 U.S. and Canadian beverage contract packers allows you to manage contacts, add your notes and most importantly, conduct searches for co-packers with particular product or processing capabilities, geographic locations, warehousing capabilities, etc. It serves as a resource to those in need of contract bottling, canning and packing services or for those who act as suppliers to the contract packing industry. The report also helps anyone needing a better understanding of the behind the scenes players offering outsourced beverage production services including investors, product development and logistics professionals.

This contract packaging database offers an extensive directory that can be sorted and filtered by product (alkaline water, bottled water, cannabis, canned cocktails to wine and spirits etc.), (aseptic, hot fill, cold fill, aseptic tetra, etc.) and production capabilities (capping, labeling, certifications, warehousing or logistics capabilities, private label, etc.) It includes contact information and detailed profiles of individual co-packers' capabilities in a broad range of key areas that are growing. For example, select listings now include facility capacity (the holy grail!), number of bottling lines, etc. It is ideal for new or expanding brands seeking bottlers and canners (fillers) to pack according to their specifications.

Value Bundle Get the Contract Packing Directory Database in Excel (regularly $4,995) for just $2,000 when purchased in conjunction with Private Label Beverages and Contract Packing in the U.S. report. Search, use as contact list to augment PDF co-packer directory found in report as well as to build on the insights into private label and co-packing information found in the Private Label report.

  • 2023 Edition - Published October 2023.
  • Data through Autumn 2023
  • More than 300 Company Profiles.
  • Immediate download, Excel based report, 3-user access.
Contract Packing Directory Database
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

Report Overview 

The answers you need

This report is perfect for existing brands looking to outsource incremental volume rather than build brick and mortar bottling facilities, beverage manufacturers planning geographical expansion through the use of contract packers located in key markets, investors conducting due diligence on start-up costs associated with beverage production, investors considering investment in manufacturing facilities and suppliers who serve the contract packing market. It answers a broad range of questions including:

  • Which contract packers have the right product and processing capabilities for my brand?
  • Which co-packers also offer private label products?
  • Which co-packers produce the products I want in the packages I need?
  • Where can I find a contract packer with the capability of handling pouches (or aluminum, tetra, bottles, kegs, etc.)?
  • Which packers can handle frozen cocktail mixers (or energy drinks or nutritional drinks or wine and spirit based beverages or energy shots, cannabis drinks, etc.)?
  • Which locations offer enough hot-fill lines to meet my needs?
  • What size cold fill glass can they provide? Can they work with 3-up labels?
  • Which facilities offer crimp capping (or Lug, ROPP or Sport)? In which cap sizes?
  • Which facilities in my target area have the capabilities to pack according to the specifications I need (organic, HACCP, Kosher, etc.)

This contract packing database features

The Excel-based Contract Packing Directory Database surveys more than 300 contract packing locations. This database can also be used as the basis for a contact management system. Fields of information can be easily added as required by the user. Detailed listings offer various aspects of product and processing capabilities, # of hot and cold fill lines, labeling and capping capabilities and much more including:

  • Locations and contact information for packers in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Contract fillers' product production capabilities across a broad range of beverage categories including carbonated soft drinks, dairy, beer, bottled water, tea, wine and spirits based beverages, nutritional beverages, cocktail mixes, frozen concentrates, energy drinks, energy shots, enhanced waters, fruit beverages and more.
  • An indication of contract fillers ability to address various processing requirements including hot fill, cold fill, aseptic, HPP, HYPA, heat sealed, ambient and carbonation, cross-referenced by capabilities for filling various packaging types including PET, HDPE, paperboard, can, aseptic, glass, pouch, polypropylene, aluminum, kegs etc.
  • Indications of package material and container size, cap size and labeling capabilities.
  • Ability to work with various closure types.
  • Offerings by package type and size.
  • Certifications such as Kosher, Halal, Organic, SQF, HACCP, etc.

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