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High-End Liquid Refreshment Beverages in the U.S. charts how the premiumization trends has affected the various components of the liquid refreshment beverage (LRB) market. It considers the high-end segments of bottled water, energy drinks, carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) and more. It measure volume for each category and shows how high-end segments’ shares have changed in recent years. Will include discussions of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the market.

  • 2020 Edition - To be published December 2020.
  • Data through 2019 and market projections through 2024.
  • 40+ slides with analysis and charts, as well as more than 40 exhibits in Excel format.
  • Immediate download, PowerPoint, PDF and Excel formats, 3-user access.
High-End Liquid Refreshment Beverages in the U.S.
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

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This report — new in 2020 — examinesthe trend toward premiumization, analyzing how various LRB categories have segmented to include not only the most familiar brands comprising each beverage type but also superpremium iterations of those brands or exclusively high-end brands. High-end segments of the following non-alcohol beverage categories are covered: bottled water and value added waters, fruit beverages, RTD Coffee, RTD Tea, CSDs, energy drinks and sports beverages. Questions answered include:

  • How do high-end energy drinks differ from standard ones, and how has this affected the overall category's performance.
  • Can upscale CSDs revitalize the long-languishing category?
  • What are the trends driving high-end LRB developments?
  • How is Covid-19 likely to impact this segment in the short and long-term?

This report features

High-End LRBs in the U.S.looks at the upper-echelon components of still-growing categories such as energy drinks as well as slow growth and stagnating or declining categories seeking opportunities for rejuvenation and pockets of growth and revitalization in an otherwise lackluster performance picture It chronicles a cross-category phenomenon of increasing segmentation as companies seek to meet consumer needs as well as capitalize on opportunities for improved profit margins through premiumization. It also discusses at some of the vehicles for premiumization and differentiation — from ingredients such as cane sugar, stevia, monkfruit, creatine and caffeine to processing differences such as HPP, cold pressed, cold brew to marketing and premium packaging, etc. Using Beverage Marketing's exclusive data, the report provides insights into:

  • The emergence of energy drinks promising functional benefits in addition to, or more targeting than, a jolt of caffeine.
  • The ongoing cultivation of craft-style CSDs that aim to appeal to consumers in ways the biggest brands haven’t been able to do.
  • What distinguishes high-end waters from the single-serve PET bottles that account for the majority of volume.
  • What are some of the key brands in high end fruit beverages, sports drinks, RTD Tea, cold brew coffee, bottled water and value added waters, RTD tea and energy drink markets? How are they performing and what makes them brands to watch?
  • Brands covered include: Evian, Essentea, Essentia, Voss, Fiji, Hint, Smartwater, Bang, Celsius, Reign, Nocco, C4, Celsius, Boylan, Stubborn, Reed's, Suja, Naked, Odwalla, Bolthouse, Honest Tea, Ito En, Teas' Tea and more.

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