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Press Release: Beverage Marketing Corp. Offers New Report on Implications of Cannabis Legalization for the Food & Beverage Markets


Beverage Marketing Corp. Offers New Report on Implications of Cannabis Legalization for the Food & Beverage Markets

New York, April 2, 2018: Beverage Marketing Corporation is pleased to announce the publication of The Cannabis Revolution: How Cannabis is Disrupting the Food and Beverage Industry. This report, published by leading beverage industry consultants Beverage Marketing Corporation in partnership with emerging trend innovation experts HVCK, is the first in a three-part set analyzing the opportunities, threats and implications of cannabis legalization and its impact on the food and beverage industries. The reports also offer recommendations for successful market entry and the development of innovative products to address the needs of an emerging mainstream market.

The three-report series includes the currently available The Cannabis Revolution: How Cannabis is Disrupting the Food and Beverage Industry, the soon to be published The Cannabis Revolution: Why Supply Chain is the Key to Unleashing the Multi-Billion Dollar Cannabis Industry and finally, Cannabis is the New Alcohol: Reinventing Cannabis for Sustainable Mainstream Use. The three reports can be purchased individually, as a discounted set, or with an optional innovation Q&A session with BMC and HVCK. For more information visit

The studies' findings indicate food and beverage companies are uniquely qualified to play a lead role in bringing mainstream cannabis products to market by virtue of their marketing prowess, unique distribution systems, expertise in addressing product safety, packaging challenges, etc. Based on this premise, the reports offer recommendations for proactive companies to capitalize on opportunities created by rapidly evolving legislation. They also discuss growing consumer interest in the broad range of functional benefits offered by cannabis and its derivatives, and the suitability of food, snacks and beverages as delivery vehicles for health, wellness, functional and recreational cannabis-based ingredients.

Additionally, the reports address a broad range of practical considerations including dosage and legal concerns, consumer segmentation and education, and the impact legal recreational cannabis may have on existing beverage segments. Operational issues such as leveraging synergies with existing food and beverage distribution networks and tapping into blockchain technology to ensure secure commercialization of cannabis operations are also discussed. Through these reports, food and beverage professionals across multiple disciplines can begin the dialogue necessary to facilitate strategic planning efforts.

"Cannabis legalization poses an unprecedented sea change that will disrupt the status quo in our industry," said Michael Bellas, Chairman and CEO of Beverage Marketing Corporation. "These reports will help food, liquid refreshment beverage and adult beverage companies begin the important process of assessing their operations and tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit to determine how they will position their companies for the future," he added.

To learn more about this report contact Charlene Harvey of Beverage Marketing Corp at 212-688-7640 ext. 1962 or visit

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