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The beverage industry is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this growing market. Why? Because the new cannabis consumer is the old alcohol consumer.

Research indicates that many alcohol consumers are switching to or plan to switch to cannabis as it becomes legal. New food and beverage product entries into this space are key contributors to the growth of this next phase of cannabis culture because a) the bulk of new use is by mainstream consumers who want a casual high similar to the alcohol drinking experience, and b) this user wants to replicate the social experience of drinking alcohol: it's a demographic that prefers to drink or eat rather than smoke, and is most amenable to ingesting the substance over the course of an evening, slowly, in liquid or low-dose edible form.

The beverage industry is best positioned to help the new cannabis consumer replicate the social intake experience they are accustomed to with alcohol, but with fewer side effects.

  • 2018 Edition - Published July 2018.
  • 100+ pages with extensive text analysis, graphs and charts.
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Cannabis Is the New Alcohol: Reinventing Cannabis for Sustainable Mainstream Use
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

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This report, produced in partnership between Beverage Marketing Corporation and emerging trends innovation experts HVCK, takes a closer look at the following topic areas:

  • Comprehensive database of current food and beverage entries in the cannabis market
  • Cannabis food and beverage trends
  • Marketing and changing the cannabis narrative for an expanded customer base
  • The demand for updated cannabis packaging and branding (and why the food and beverage industry will do this best)
  • Exploration of the specific threat to beer posed by the rise of cannabis
  • New product opportunities: CBD, THC, Terpene flavoring, low-dose products
  • Dosing and user education

This report features

  • A history of liquid cannabis
  • Market stats regarding both cannabis as a whole and the cannabis beverage market
  • Regulation updates, including beverage-specific regulations
  • A look at the Canadian market as it becomes federally legal
  • In formation on banking regulations and banks that work with cannabis companies
  • An overview of trends and regulations in restaurants, bars, and other on-premise sites
  • A look at new and groundbreaking retail models for cannabis
  • An overview of safety, sobriety testing, and a guide to physiological responses from cannabis
  • Consideration of corporate cannabis investment, including food and beverage investment
  • Information on marketing and consumer education, including ad campaigns and packaging
  • Discussion of opportunities and challenges surrounding cannabis beverages, including the science of liquid cannabis
  • A thorough guide to most major cannabis beverages currently on the market and in development
  • A look at best practices from the beverage industry informing the cannabis industry
  • Suggestion regarding opportunities for involvement and investment by the food and beverage industry
  • Key takeaways and unique insights
  • A 10-year outlook for cannabis in food, beverage, retail, and on-premise
  • In-depth interviews with leading cannabis industry experts and entrepreneurs

Abstract pg 6

History of Liquid Cannabis and Cannabis Beverages pg 7

Market Size: Cannabis and the Cannabis Beverage Market pg 8

  • California pg 9
  • Cannabis Consumables Data pg 10

Regulation Updates pg 11

  • Federal pg 12
  • California Regulations Pertaining to Beverages and Edibles pg 13

Canada: The Test Market pg 14

  • Canada's New Federal Legalization Rules pg 16
  • Edibles and Beverages pg 17
  • Impaired Driving pg 19
  • Branding and Packaging pg 19
  • Retail pg 19
  • Distribution pg 20
  • Corporatization and Near Future Predictions pg 20
  • The Effect on Alcohol pg 21

Banks: Working Around and With Them pg 22

Cannabis Advocates pg 25

Restaurants & Bars pg 28

  • Regulations pg 30
  • California pg 30
  • Colorado pg 30

The Retail Experience pg 31

  • The MedMen Model: Reinventing the Modern Dispensary Experience pg 32
  • Ember: A Journal of Cannabis and Culture pg 35

Safety pg 36

  • Sobriety Testing Enforcement pg 37
  • Attempts to Solve Impaired Driving pg 37

The Psychological Response to Cannabis Consumption pg 38

  • Side Effects pg 38

Early Corporate Cannabis Investment pg 40

  • Food & Beverage Companies Investing in Cannaibs pg 41
  • Other Companies and Industries Entering the Cannabis Market pg 41

Cannabis Marketing + Consumber Education pg 42

  • White Papers pg 43
  • Packaging and Merchandising pg 44
  • Tastings pg 45

Ad Campaigns and Packaging: Changing the Narrative pg 46

  • Ad Examples pg 48
  • Billboards pg 50
  • Advertising Non-Cannabis Food & Beverages to Cannabis Users pg 52

Cannabis Beverages pg 54

  • Why Cannabis Beverages? pg 55
  • Cannabis Beverage Categories to Watch pg 59
  • Marijuana-Laced Wine pg 60
  • Hemp, CBD, and THC pg 61
  • The Fight For CBD pg 63

Current Cannabis Beverage Products pg 66

Cannabis' Effect on Non-Cannabis Beverages pg 77

Alcohol + Cannabis: Sharing Best Practices & Personnel pg 78

  • Cannabis Companies + Former Food and Beverage Executives pg 79
  • Sharing Best Practices pg 81
  • Distribution pg 81
  • Cultivation and Manufacturing pg 81
  • R & D pg 82
  • Vertical Integration and Sales Models pg 82
  • Overlapping Trends: The Cocktail Craze pg 82

Alcohol + Cannabis: Crossover Consumers pg 83

  • User Profiles pg 84

The Outlook pg 86

  • Key Takeaways pg 88

Opportunities pg 90

The 10-Year Outlook pg 92

  • Areas For Deeper Dive and Consideration pg 93

Appendix pg 94

  • Full Interview Transcripts pg 95
    • Interview with Tarek Tabsh, Cannabis Serial Entrepreneur pg 95
    • Interview with Jay Grillo, Founder/EVP/COO, Le Herbe pg 99
    • Interview with Marc-Boris St. Maurice, Cannabis Activist and Entrepreneur pg 102
    • Interview with Abe Stevens, Founder of Humboldt Distillery pg 105
    • Interview with Jeffrey Maser, Founder and CEO, Tinley Beverages pg 107

HVCK / BMC Company Pages pg 114

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