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This report takes a broad view of innovation opportunities inside the larger cannabis industry, specifically as it relates to food and beverage companies. Much of the research commonly available is either too macro to be actionable, or extremely investment-focused. This report aims to surface innovation opportunities derived from a broad range of content sources, viewpoints and industry insider interviews.

  • 2018 Edition - Published February 2018.
  • 70+ pages with extensive text analysis, graphs and charts.
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The Cannibis Revolution: How Cannabis is Disrupting the Food and Beverage Industry
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

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As cannabis becomes increasingly legal medically and recreationally, public perception and use habits are shifting faster than established companies are innovating. The consumer appetite for consistent, reliable cannabis products is not currently being met, particularly in the food and beverage space — presenting a huge opportunity for food and beverage companies as they contemplate how to enter this market. In recreationally legal markets, cannabis products are already competing with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as wellness and pharmaceutical products. Incumbents who aren't paying attention to this cultural and political reality are at risk of becoming the industry's next Blockbuster or Blackberry.

As this report demonstrates, the economic opportunity is massive. With the industry expected to grow to $10 billion in 2018, the time to invest, develop products, and establish a notable offering in the cannabis industry is now — and any company looking to "wait and see" for several years, will find itself behind the curve.

This Cannabis Report Features

  • Key opportunities for the beverage and food industry in the cannabis space
  • 4 original, exclusive interviews with emerging Cannabis industry companies and leaders, including their tips, challenges, and lessons learned
  • National and state-specific stats and projections, as well as industry- and niche-specific data
  • 77 pages, including 25 original infographics and highly visualized content
  • Expert analysis and predictions on what to expect in both the short and long-term, recommendations on how to prepare for these changes and invest in innovative initiatives, as well as suggested entry points for established food and beverage companies

The Industry pg 5

  • Overview pg 6
  • History pg 7
  • Startups and Venture Capital pg 11

The Market pg 12

  • Market Analysis pg 13
  • Canada pg 15

The Products pg 16

  • Product Trends pg 17
  • Food Products pg 18
  • Dosing pg 21
  • Beverages pg 22
  • Other Products pg 27
  • Pharma & Wellness pg 28

The Technology pg 33

  • Technology Trends pg 34
  • Cultivation and Agriculture pg 35
  • Dispensary and Distribution pg 39
  • Supply Chain and Commerce pg 42
  • The Impact of Blockchain pg 43

The Competition pg 45

  • Competitive Landscape pg 46
  • Barriers to Entry pg 47

The Impact pg 49

  • Societal Impact pg 50
  • Consumer Demographics pg 53

The Insights pg 56

The Outlook pg 71

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