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Going Raw: Live Beverages examines the emerging market for "live" products. It covers kombucha as well as juices produced with high-pressure processing (HPP). It discusses leading brands in these segments and puts them in the context of growing demand for functional beverages and items made without chemical preservatives or artificial additives.

  • 2014 Edition - Published February 2014.
  • Data through 2013 and market projections through 2018.
  • 35+ pages with extensive text analysis, graphs and charts.
  • Immediate download, PDF and Word formats, 3-user access.
Going Raw: Live Beverages
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

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This report measures volume, wholesale and retail dollar sales, covers top brands and discusses key issues. Questions answered include:

  • What is high-pressure pascalization (HPP) and what's driving consumer interest in beverages treated with this process and other "live" beverages?
  • What are the leading kombucha brands in the United States, and how have they been performing?
  • How is the market for live beverages likely to develop in the future?

This report features

Going Raw: Live Beverages profiles two new segments in the non-alcoholic beverage business that are displaying fantastic growth. The report begins with an overview of what live beverages are and why their viability was even considered. It measures each principal category in terms of wholesale dollar sales and charts growth patterns.

The report also provides statistics on the leading HPP juice and kombucha brands. The main companies are profiled, with a discussion of the innovations they have achieved. The analysis goes on to demonstrate that the market may be likely to explode in the next five years, but also details potential pitfalls of both HPP beverages and kombucha. In this report, readers get a thorough understanding of all facets of the nutritional live beverage market including:

  • Wholesale dollars sales of the HPP beverage market starting in 2010 as well as wholesale and retail dollars and volume of the kombucha market going back to 2007.
  • A look at how these niche sectors evolved because of a perceived quality gap in the categories from which they emerged, giving marketers a key lesson on innovation in response to consumer perceptions.
  • Detailed profiles and analysis of the leading companies within the live beverage market, including their wholesale dollar sales as well as a glimpse at up-and-comers that may be emerging.
  • Discussion of the issues facing the market in the next five years, with Beverage Marketing's wholesale dollar category projections for 2018.

The Live Beverage Market

  • Overview pg 1
  • HPP Beverages pg 2
  • Kombucha pg 14

The Projected Live Beverage Market

  • Overview pg 25
  • Wholesale Dollars pg 26


  • 1 Leading HPP Juice Companies Estimated Wholesale Dollar Sales 2010 – 2013 pg 27
  • 2 Leading HPP Juice Companies Share of Estimated Wholesale Dollar Sales 2010 – 2013 pg 28
  • 3 Leading HPP Juice Companies Change in Estimated Wholesale Dollar Sales 2011 – 2013 pg 29
  • 4 The Kombucha Market Estimated Dollars and Volume 2007 – 2013 pg 30
  • 5 The Kombucha Market Growth 2008 – 2013 pg 31
  • 6 Leading Kombucha Brands Estimated Wholesale Dollar Sales 2008 – 2013 pg 32
  • 7 Leading Kombucha Brands Share of Estimated Wholesale Dollar Sales 2008 – 2013 pg 33
  • 8 Leading Kombucha Brands Change in Estimated Wholesale Dollar Sales 2009 – 2013 pg 34
  • 9 The Projected HPP Juice Market Wholesale Dollar Sales and Growth 2013 – 2018 pg 35
  • 10 The Projected Kombucha Market Wholesale Dollar Sales and Growth 2013 – 2018 pg 36

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