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If any beverage segment demonstrates that "the future is now" it’s this one. But what's necessary for it to reach its true potential? Clearly, the probiotic segment continues to grow, though at a decelerated pace than it has enjoyed in earlier years. Will innovation delivering expanded functionality through broader gut-health and immunity benefits combined with broader based consumer acceptance result in a return to double-digit gains?

Beverage Marketing Corporation considers the possibilities in its revamped industry report entitled: Gut-Health Beverages in the U.S.The question is a particularly important one as this report analyzes a beverage type (probiotics) that is relatively new and bridges the gap between food and beverages. Its success is one that has — and will — inspire continued innovation within the category as well as for other fledgling segments. Already, new entrants have stretched the boundaries of the category definition beyond its traditional yogurt beverage roots. (Not to mention, stretching the category to include prebiotics; thus the new emphasis on “gut-health.”) Although gut-health beverages have become steady growers, entrepreneurs and market veterans alike can glean key insights on future innovation, market trends and consumer drivers. Impact of the coronavirus pandemic is also discussed.

While difficult to quantify, the qualitative aspects of immunity beverages are also discussed since they are closely related to gut-health.

  • 2023 Edition - Published May 2023.
  • Data through 2022 and market projections through 2027.
  • 25+ pages with extensive text analysis, graphs and charts.
  • Immediate download, PDF and Word formats, 3-user access.
Gut-Health Beverages in the U.S.
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This brief but insightful market report measures the commercial market for RTD gut-health/probiotic beverages, providing volume, retail and wholesale dollar sales, covers top brands and discusses key issues in the probiotic beverage segment. BMC's exclusive five-year projections are also included. Questions answered include:

  • What are probiotics, prebiotics and symbiotics and how did they evolve in the U.S. from food to quasi-beverages?
  • Which are the leading brands? How large are they in terms of volume sold and wholesale dollar value?
  • How consolidated is the RTD probiotic beverage market? In other words, how difficult is it for a large strategic to capture a significant percentage of market share?
  • Why has the category been successful? How does it relate to the rest of the better-for-you beverage market?
  • How much is the RTD gut-health beverage market expected to grow in the next five years? What are the growth drivers and headwinds going forward? What was the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on this emerging sector?

This report features

This report examines an evolution of gut-health from yogurt to RTD drinks that utilize probiotics and prebiotics. The presentation of industry research begins with an overview of the RTD probiotic market. It then analyzes various brands and the companies behind them, taking note of innovations they have achieved and the marketing strategies behind them.

After outlining this context, the report describes the issues likely to determine what is next in the U.S. RTD probiotic beverage marketplace and projects market size five years into the future. In this report, readers get a thorough understanding of all facets of the probiotic beverage market including:

  • Wholesale and retail dollar sales and volume of the RTD probiotic beverage market going back to 2012.
  • Discussion of the main competitors and their likely prospects, including analysis of the strategies of the largest brands in the segment.
  • Volume and value data (gallonage and wholesale dollar sales) for key brands including Lifeway Kefir, Olipop, Suja, Yakult, Kevita, GoodBelly, Hellowater, Poppi, Obi Probiotic Soda, Farmhouse Culture and Living Apothecary.
  • Analysis of the prospects of the RTD gut-health beverage market in the next five years, with Beverage Marketing's wholesale dollar and volume category projections to 2027.

The Probiotic Beverage Market pg 1

  • Overview pg 1
  • Volume and Per Capita Consumption pg 4
  • Wholesale and Retail Dollar Sales pg 5

Leading Companies and Brands pg 6

  • Volume by Brand pg 6
  • Wholesale Dollar Sales by Brand pg 7
  • Lifeway pg 8
  • Olipop pg 9
  • Poppi pg 11
  • Culture Pop pg 12
  • Huzzah! pg 12
  • Hellowater pg 13
  • GoodBelly pg 14
  • Karma Wellness Water pg 16
  • GoLive (The Lively Brand) pg 18

The Projected Probiotic Beverage Market pg 19


  • 1 U.S. RTD Probiotic Beverage Market Estimated Volume and Growth 2012 – 2027 pg 21
  • 2 U.S. RTD Probiotic Beverage Market Per Capita Consumption 2012 – 2027 pg 22
  • 3 U.S. RTD Probiotic Beverage Market Estimated Wholesale Dollars, Price per Gallon and Growth 2012 – 2027 pg 23
  • 4 U.S. RTD Probiotic Beverage Market Estimated Retail Dollars, Price per Gallon and Growth 2012 – 2027 pg 24
  • 5 Leading Probiotic Beverage Brands Estimated Volume 2016 – 2022 pg 25
  • 6 Leading Probiotic Beverage Brands Share of Volume 2016 – 2022 pg 26
  • 7 Leading Probiotic Beverage Brands Change in Volume 2017 – 2022 pg 27
  • 8 Leading Probiotic Beverage Brands Estimated Wholesale Dollar Sales 2016 – 2022 pg 28
  • 9 Leading Probiotic Beverage Brands Share of Wholesale Dollar Sales 2016 – 2022 pg 29
  • 10 Leading Probiotic Beverage Brands Change in Wholesale Dollar Sales 2017 – 2022 pg 30

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