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The new On-Premise Intelligence Report, jointly developed by Beverage Marketing Corporation, a leading source of U.S. beverage alcohol data and Technomic, a specialist in consumer grounded research and insights, includes channel, category and brand performance metrics, consumer and operator insights, as well as beverage menu trend information developed via primary research conducted by both firms.

  • 2018 Edition - Published December 2018.
  • 285 slides with extensive text analysis, graphs, charts and tables.
  • Immediate download, PowerPoint, 3-user access.
On-Premise Intelligence Report
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

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The answers you need

  • What are the most important metrics for on-premise marketers?
  • What kind of benchmarks can be developed from this data?
  • What are the leading on-premise trends and how do they give me insights for marketing initiatives—drink and occasion opportunities?
  • How do they support strategic planning—new product planning and trade programs?

This report features

The 2018 On-Premise Intelligence Report combines Beverage Marketing Corporation's accurate hard data and in-depth trend analysis with Technomic's comprehensive surveys of on-premise accounts and consumers to bring you up to speed with what's happening and why in on-premise venues where fads become trends, new brands take root, old brands make comebacks, and new product creativity earns approval and acceptability. Volumes and sales for top performing brands are matched with metrics for top performing restaurants, hotels, and drinking establishments and expertly viewed through the lens of consumer insights. Users are introduced to using Drinker Archetypes, Technomic's new multi-phased psychographic segmentation model to analyze on-premise consumers.

Executive Summary slide 3

  • Introduction
  • Key Themes & Implications
  • Outlook & Opportunities
  • Methodology

On-Premise Market Overview slide 15

  • Key Findings
  • Population & LDA Population
  • Foodservice Same Store Sales—LSR & FSR
  • On-Premise Channel & Segments
  • On-Premise vs. Off-Premise Adult Beverage Volume and Dollars
  • On-Premise vs. Off-Premise Spirits Volume and Dollars
  • On-Premise vs. Off-Premise Wine Volume and Dollars
  • On-Premise vs. Off-Premise Beer Volume and Dollars
  • On-Premise Segment Share of Adult Beverage Categories
  • Drink Penetration in On-Premise Visits
  • Leading Chain Restaurants by Adult Beverage Sales
  • Fastest-Growing On-Premise Brands

On-Premise Trends slide 30


  • Key Findings
  • On-Premise Spirits Trend
  • Leading Cocktail Share of Menu
  • Fastest-growing Cocktails on Menu
  • Spirits Categories (12)


  • Key Findings
  • On-Premise Wine Trends
  • Varietal Share of On-premise Wine (red, white, sparkling)
  • Fastest-growing Varietals on Menus
  • Wine Categories (4)


  • Key Findings
  • On-Premise Beer Trends
  • Category Share of Menu
  • Fastest-growing Beer Categories on Menus
  • Beer Categories (5)

On-Premise Consumer Trends slide 202

  • Introduction/Key Insights
  • Consumer Demos
  • Consumer Insights

On-Premise Outlook & Projections slide 270

  • Key Findings
  • On-Premise Adult Beverage Projections
  • Spirits/Wine/Beer Projections

Drinker Archetypes slide 277

  • Program Introduction
  • Drinker Archetypes Overview
  • Drinker Archetypes Snapshots

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