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It's no surprise that a broad range of non-alcohol beverages are used as mixers for adult beverages in on-premise settings — and it isn’t limited to beverages labeled as mixers. But getting your arms around the breadth and scope of that end-use market has always been a challenge. In this report, Beverage Marketing Corporation raises the bar by sizing the market and giving brand owners and marketers the information needed to grow this somewhat incidental — yet potentially sizeable — sales channel. For a handle on the size of the on-premise market for various types of mixers as well as a look at key players and the potential size of the opportunity, you won’t want to miss this BMC Report: The On-Premise Mixer Market in the U.S.

  • 2019 Edition - Published November 2019.
  • Data through 2018 and market projections through 2021.
  • 35+ PowerPoint slides, with text analysis, graphs and charts
  • Immediate download, PDF and PowerPoint format report, 3-user access.
The On-Premise Mixer Market in the U.S.
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

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Beverage Marketing Corporation research shows that as consumers continue to trade up to premium and above-premium spirits in their cocktails, quality in all components, including mixers and other non-alcohol ingredients, has become increasingly important to both operators and consumers.

Who needs this report? If you market - or plan to produce - a branded premium mixer product geared to on-trade, this report is for you. If you manage an all-occasion beverage and are seeking to expand your brand’s into the adult on-premise sector and want to better understand the size of the opportunity and assess whether changing trends and preferences might make it worthwhile to partner with an adult beverage manufacturer or create a signature on-premise cocktail featuring your product as a mixer, this report gives you the vantage point to plan your strategy. If you are already marketing your non-alcohol beverage as a mixer to the on-premise sector, this report gives you everything you need to benchmark your progress. If you are an investor considering investing in the mixer segment or an on-premise venue planning your next move in the beverage arena, this report is for you.

To assess the current and future opportunity, this market report explores the competitive landscape, looking at:

  • How big is the overall on-premise market for mixers?
  • How big are each of the on-premise mixer segments, how fast are they growing and what does Beverage Marketing forecast for each sector?
  • What are the key brands used as mixers in on-premise outlets?
  • How intense is the competition in each mixer segment? What volume and market share of their particular on-premise mixer segment do each of the key players control?

This report features

It's no surprise that fruit juices — and energy drinks for that matter — are used as cocktail mixers in on-premise settings. As millennial consumers put their personalized, healthy, high quality twist on the sector, the mixer segment, like many other beverage categories, is ripe for innovation. In an evolving marketplace, truly understanding on-premise adult beverage consumption market opportunities means not only looking at alcohol beverages but at the elements that complete and personalize the mixed drink and cocktail experience: mixers. This report provides:

  • An overview of on-premise alcohol beverage consumption and growth trends as a backdrop for the discussion of non-alcohol mixer market trends.
  • A look at the size of the on-premise mixer market. The scope of the report is limited to on-premise use of non-alcohol beverage ingredients in mixed drinks/cocktails involving spirits, which will be referred to as "mixers" for the purposes of the report.
  • An exploration of consumer drivers
  • On-premise market size, growth and share for each mixer segment including:
    • Juices
    • Mixes
    • Syrups/flavorings
    • Purées
    • Tonic water/Club soda/Seltzer
    • Carbonated soft drinks
    • Energy drinks
  • An all-outlet inclusive view that quantifies on-premise mixer usage across outlets including casual-dining restaurants, fine-dining restaurants, hotels and drinking establishments including taverns, pubs, lounges, nightclubs, sports bars, music/comedy clubs.
  • A review of the competitive landscape within each mixer segment.
  • On-premise mixer volume and share for leading brands such as Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, Full Throttle, Amp, Island Oasis, Finest Call, Daily's, Lyon's Maui, Mr & Mrs. T, Minute Maid, Ocean Spray, Dole, Florida's Natural, Tropicana, Monin, DaVinci, Torani, Finest Cal, Fee Brothers, Schweppes, Canada Dry, Q Tonic, FeverTree, Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Canada Dry, Seagrams, Fever Tree and many more.

Please note: Premixed cocktails or ready-to-drink cocktails are specifically excluded from the scope of this report.

I. Introduction, Objective & Methodology

Introduction slide 4

Objective and Scope slide 5

Mixer Category Descriptions slide 7

Methodology slide 8

II. On-Premise Mixer Market

On-Premise Adult Beverage: Challenged in recent years slide 10

On-Premise Growth Trend by Segment 2014 - 2019 slide 11

On-Premise Spirits Trends slide 12

On-Premise Mixer Volume Growth 2013 - 2019 slide 13

Category Volume Trend 2018 & 2019 slide 14

Category Share of On-Premise Mixer Volume 2019 slide 14

Fierce Competition slide 15

Leading Mixer Brands by Volume slide 16

III. Mixer Categories and Trends

On-Premise Mixer Market Trends slide 19

On-Premise Mixer Category Share slide 20

Category Share of On-Premise Mixer Volume 2013 & 2019 slide 21

Competitive Landscape slide 22

Leading Mix Brands slide 24

Leading Brands' Share of Mix Volume 2012 - 2018 slide 25

Leading Juice Mixer Brands slide 26

Leading Brands' Share of Juice Mixer Volume 2012 - 2018 slide 27

Leading Syrup/Flavorings Brands slide 28

Leading Brands' Share of Syrup/Flavorings Mixer Volume 2012 & 2018 slide 29

Leading Purée Brands slide 30

Leading Brands' Share of Purée Mixer Volume 2012 & 2018 slide 31

Leading Tonic/Seltzer/Club Soda Brands slide 32

Leading Brands' Share of Tonic Water/Seltzer/Club Soda Mixer Volume 2012 & 2018 slide 33

Leading Carbonated Soft Drink Brands slide 34

Leading Brands' Share of Carbonated Soft Drink Mixer Volume 2012 & 2018 slide 35

Leading Energy Drink Brands slide 36

Leading Brands' Share of Energy Mixer Volume 2012 & 2018 slide 37

IV. Outlook and Future

On-Premise Mixer Volume Projection slide 39

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