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What is Gen Z drinking? What impacts college students' beverage choices? This report, a study of College Millennial Consumers (CMCs) delivers answers via a survey of more than 1,200 college/university students throughout the U.S. concerning their attitudes toward and consumption of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

  • 2021 Edition – Published March 2021.
  • Data through 2020.
  • 25+ PowerPoint slides with extensive exhibits, charts and tables.
  • Immediate download, PDF and PowerPoint formats, 3-user access.
The Gen Z and College Student Beverage Consumer
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Get superior data, market insights and industry perspective to analyze beverage segments, evaluate opportunities and benchmark performance.

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The answers you need

The Gen Z and College Student Beverage Consumer, conducted for Beverage Marketing Corporation by Riddle & Bloom, a Boston-based college marketing and insights agency, queries college/university students throughout the U.S. on their various beverage consumption habits and attitudes — thus helping to provide marketers with a map of where the college student consumer may be trending. This is the fourth year Beverage Marketing Corporation has teamed with Riddle & Bloom.

Questions answered include:

  • Through a series of charts and commentary, this insightful beverage industry research report looks at behaviors and attitudes of college age millennial consumers (CMCs) towards a myriad of topics, including where they buy or make their coffee, behavior towards nutrition labels, favorite social media app and more!
  • How much is spent on alcohol and what alcohol segments are most popular?
  • Which beverage do college students view as the most optimal "pick-me-up"?
  • What are the top issues that college students deem important today?

This report features

This unique report pairs the survey data about the attitudes/behaviors of college students with analysis of the beverage industry which explains the "story behind the numbers." This market report is meant to provide busy executives with a quick but comprehensive view of trends. An ideal report to kick off brainstorming sessions or to set the stage for other further research. In this report, users get a feel for college student attitudes and behaviors towards beverages including:

  • Students' view on food and drink and factors that most influence students' purchase and consumption of beverages
  • Beer and seltzer brand preferences and even a frank look into students' illegal drug usage
  • The average amount that students spend on beverages and other items in stores and online on a monthly basis
  • College students' attitudes towards alcoholic beverage types
  • Attitudes towards bottled water and recyclability that would have future implications for the bottled water industry

Introduction, Objective & Methodology

  • Introduction slide 6
  • Objective and Scope slide 7

The Gen Z and College Beverage Consumer

  • Student thoughts on food and drink slide 9
  • Which of the following beverages do you recall drinking in the past month? slide 10
  • When selecting beverages to drink, please select the factor that most influences your purchase/consumption slide 11
  • When in need of a “pick-me-up,” which beverage type are you most likely to drink? slide 12
  • How do you currently consume coffee? slide 13
  • What method do you use to make your coffee at home? slide 14
  • Which best describes why you drink sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade? slide 15
  • Which best describes your water consumption? slide 16
  • When grocery shopping, do you look at nutrition labels? slide 17
  • Based on your alcohol consumption over the last year, please rank your consumption of alcohol types slide 18
  • How many days of the week do you drink alcohol? slide 19
  • By your estimate, how much do you spend on alcoholic beverages weekly? slide 21
  • Rank the following beer and seltzer brands by preference slide 22
  • Which of the following CBD products have you tried? slide 23
  • Which of the following drugs have you tried? slide 24
  • How do you feel you were able to adapt to the new covid-19 college experience? slide 25
  • How do your current shopping habits compare to your shopping habits before covid-19? slide 26
  • In the past 6 months, estimate how much you are spending online in the following categories on a monthly basis? slide 28
  • In the past 6 months, estimate how much you are spending in store in the following categories on a monthly basis? slide 29
  • In your opinion, which is the best social media app? slide 30
  • What do you consider as the top issue in this country right now? slide 31
  • What political party do you mostly affiliate yourself with? slide 32

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